My Week #6

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hey Guys!!
I haven't done a My Week post for a while because with work and stuff, I haven't really done a lot. My weeks have been mostly filled with housework, this week though even though I have been here, there and everywhere I actually managed to take pictures :) So here they are :)
1. I was getting washing done and went into the bedroom, wondering where Poppy was until I seen this little face poking out at me from under the duvet :)
2. I was at my Mums and we were looking through old photos when I came across this one of me, my Godmother and her sister, in the summer of '91, I was about 7 months old, I think.
3. Poppy has taken to sleeping under the duvet this week for some reason. This particular morning though she had worked out that she could crawl into the duvet cover, where you do it up at the bottom, if she hadn't have moved I wouldn't have known she was in there haha
4. Again I had popped into my Mums after work and I think it was a bit of a family gathering, as my Nan, Grandad, Uncle and cousin was there. Ieuan absolutely loves it when Olly licks him all the time, so just sat there having a whale of time letting him lick his hand, though prior to this picture he was licking his face.
5. This evening Llewellyn was off work so I decided to make us a lovely cottage pie from scratch, along with carrots and peas, and of course gravy :) It was absolutely gorgeous and really want to start making more meals from scratch :)
Hopefully this week isn't going to be as busy or manic, and I can actually get some workouts in, as I slacked this week :(
How has your week been?
Did you do anything exciting?
See You Soon!!