Feeling Sexy!!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hey Guys!!

As you can see from the title of this post it is a bit of a different one for me as I have never really wrote about how I make myself feel sexy, if that's the right choice of words. It wasn't until an opportunity came my way from Adore Me who are currently running a flat lay campaign that is promoting the belief that all women should be able to feel sexy.

Now I don't know about you but it doesn't matter if you are a size 8 or a size 28 we all have days where we don't feel our sexiest or that confident. A good way to start on a day like this is maybe to pick out your favourite piece of lingerie and work it!! Well Adore Me do a fab selection of bras and pants that are absolutely gorgeous and will definitely be getting some myself. Also what is great is that they have a gorgeous plus-size selection which you can have a nose at if you like, because like I said it doesn't matter if you are an 8 or 28 you can still feel gorgeous!! I always find when I put on my favourite piece underneath whatever it is I am wearing I feel 10 times more confident. The idea of having this gorgeous lingerie on and only you knowing that you are wearing it seems to make me hold my head that bit higher and feel that bit more confident.

So when you feel your confidence swaying a bit, throw those Bridget Jones pants to the side and pull out that lacey set you haven't worn yet!! Every now and then us women need to give ourselves a little self love as that's the most important thing and is the only thing that matters. Don't we all deserve a little self love now and again? The above flat lay is my favourite lingerie and if I'm not feeling that confident it's the first thing I head for. Adore Me's instagram has some beautiful images that really show this!! You can also head over to my Instagram where you can see this image and many more!! You should also check out their Pinterest as there is so much inspiration and you can also keep up to date with their latest content.

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

What's your go to for a little self love?

See You Soon!!